Our Approach

Our knowledge isn’t limited to the markets - we know the actors. This is how we develop and network companies.

For a medium-sized business, a Merger & Acquisition is not a trivial undertaking. These measures require a careful consideration of the opportunities and risks – this is where we come in. Our specialists take a integrated approach to supporting this process from initiation to conclusion. Our involvement is personal, precise and above all: cooperative.

At WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance, we distinguish two fundamental areas in which we focus our activities. We combine German tradition and innovative technology: The classical sectors for German medium-sized enterprises, such as mechanical engineering, and the “new economy”, new and innovative technology enterprises. Our networks in both markets are extensive; we know the participants and we have direct access to the decision-makers. We have maintained our relationships with our contacts over many years to ensure that we can bring together the right parties in the crucial moment.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality standard through intelligent and tailored concepts. Every time. Each of our clients benefits from a team of two advisors and each team will work on a maximum of five mandates at any given point.

We place great value on achieving results that all parties involved are satisfied with – whether it be an acquisition, a trade sale or corporate succession. After all, this is the only way to provide a fruitful ground on which the corporate and entrepreneurial vision will grow and blossom.

Transaction Management

Trust grows in dialogue. And with time.

Acquisitions, spin-offs, trade sales, mergers and succession planning require great faith. And requires a certain sense of reliance. Especially for medium-sized companies, these are highly sensitive and crucial moments.

We therefore advise and support our clients throughout the entire process individually, professional and on the basis of trust – from the business analysis through to the signing of the contract. Our high success rate is not the only proof that we are professional. Our performance-related fee models substantiate our absolute faith in our expertise. The transaction process typically spans a period of 9-12 months.

Trade Sale

When we support a trade sale, we have a single objective: we want to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. We do our research. We plan. We are fully committed to this objective. Passionately. We structure the transaction, identify and approach suitable investors and negotiate – responsibly and confidentially. The end result of this process is a successful transaction, satisfied buyers and satisfied sellers. And a company able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Typical transaction process:

  1. Analysis and concept planning

    • Information sourcing
    • Business analysis
    • Financial and ratio analysis
    • Creation of teaser & short profile
    • Preparation of information memorandum
    • Company valuation (discounted cash flow method, comparable company analysis)
  2. Investor approach

    • Market research
    • Identification of potential buyers
    • Listing of potential takeover candidates (long list, short list)
    • (Anonymous) personal and written contact
    • Exchange of NDAs
    • Transfer of supporting documentation for the sale
    • Initial management meetings
  3. Review stage

    • Letter of Intent (LoI), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
    • Review of price indications and other conditions
    • Evaluation of ideal buyer
    • Preparation data room/data room management
    • Due Diligence
  4. Sales negotiations and closing

    • Negotiations purchase agreement
    • Coordination of external advisors
    • Final negotiations and determination of final purchase price
    • Signing & closing

Company Acquisition

Every acquisition needs a proper strategy. We live by this belief. For medium-sized companies, the suitability of a target for the existing company is the ultimate success of the acquisition.

The investment only pays off if the desired synergy effects are realised. This is where the experience of Walter Fries Unternehmensberatung comes in. Our financial and strategy planning is built on a solid foundation.

We support the integration of organisational cultures every step of the way, in an advisory capacity and through active involvement. Together with the management and personnel we create a new organisational culture to which every single employee is committed.

Corporate Succession

“You can’t put new wine in old bottles.” But sometimes you need to do just that. An arrangement of a successor is a highly emotional event for a medium-sized business. You have put your life into your business. Now you walk away and step into a new era. We are entrepreneurs by ourselves, so we know exactly what that feels like. We help our clients face the arrangement with foresight and in time. We illustrate various “What-if” scenarios of succession planning.
We prepare the enterprise for the change and initiate the transaction process for a sale, management buy-out (MBO), management buy-in (MBI) or an internal succession solution within the family.

We pay great attention to the alignment of the seller’s requirements and wishes, such as continued operations and job security, with those of the new owner.

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Company Valuation

A company valuation is more than just a calculation.

Medium-sized companies are often characterised by their owner. These enterprises don’t have a stock market value that one could just read off. We therefore need to gain a profound insight into the companies and their respective markets. This enables us to determine the key value drivers for a future-oriented valuation.

We analyse the success factors in view of the market and on the basis of integrated budgeting. We pay particular attention to potential risk premiums and dependencies in our determination of sale and purchase prices in line with the market.

In our experience, three methods have proven successful as a scientific measurement model with strong practical relevance:

  • Income capitalisation approach according to IDW
  • Discounted cash flow method (DCF)
  • Comparable company analysis (peer group comparison)

Measurement models in detail:

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Our Advisors

Recognise opportunities, seize opportunities.

Holger Fries


BA (Hons.) Banking Administration


Christian Hock


BSc International Business Administration


Tim Bieder


B. Sc. Business Administration and Economics


Armin Ambrosi


M.Sc. Business Administration


Holger Fries

BA (Hons.) Banking Administration

Fon: +49 (0) 60 21 . 35 42 -0

Career History

2000 - now


1990 - 2000

Management function in various bank branches
Key area: Corporate banking, high-end private banking

1996 - 1998

Degree course at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Theme route: Corporate Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Knowledge Management
Dissertation: “Relationship-Management: Auslaufmodell traditioneller Organisationsstrukturen – Teamorientiertes Relationship-Management als Lösungsansatz?” (“Relationship Management: obsolescent model of traditional organisational structures - team oriented relationship management as a solution?”)

1995 - 1996

Vocational training as Banking Administrator at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Transactions and succession planning in the “old economy”


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Sector Experience

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Christian Hock

BSc International Business Administration

Fon: +49 (0) 60 21 . 35 42 -0

Career History

2010 – now

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance


M Cap Finance Mittelstandsfonds für Deutschland, Frankfurt, Internship


Delphi Advisors LLC, Frankfurt, Internship

2005 – 2009

Dual degree at Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences - Wiesbaden Business School and University of Florence, Italy
Theme route: Finance
Bachelor thesis: “Produktentwicklung und Vermarktung von Zertifikaten im deutschen Kapitalmarkt.” (“Product development and marketing of certificates in the German capital market.”)

2003 – 2005

Degree course at the University of Würzburg
University Diploma Business Management


Company Evaluation and Due Diligence


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Sector Experience

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Tim Bieder

B. Sc. Business Administration and Economics

Fon: +49 (0) 60 21 . 35 42 -0

Career History

2018 – now

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance

2013 – 2017

Degree course at the Goethe University Frankfurt
Theme route: Finance & Accounting
Bachelor thesis: „Modellierung optimaler Budgetallokationen und die Implikation für Marketingentscheidungen.“ ("Modeling of optimal budget allocations and the implication for marketing decisions.")


semester abroad at the San Diego State University


European College of Business and Management, London

2011 – 2013

apprenticeship bank


Company Evaluation and Due Diligence


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Sector Experience

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Armin Ambrosi

M.Sc. Business Administration

Fon: +49 (0) 60 21 . 35 42 -0

Career History

2017 – heute

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance

2014 – 2016

Master of Science at the university of Passau
Theme route: Finance, Controlling, International Management
Master thesis: “Preiserhöhungen und deren Auswirkungen auf den Kunden - Erklärungsansätze zu Kundenreaktionen sowie Lösungsansätze aus der Preis-, Management- und psychologischen Forschung.“ („Price increases and their impact on the customer - explanations to customer reactions as well as solutions from pricing research, management research and psychological research.“)

2010 – 2014

Degree course at the university ot Passau
Theme route: Management, Finance, Taxation
Bachelor thesis: “Value-Added Services im B2B-Marketing – eine Analyse.“ („Value Added Services in b2b marketing – an analysis.“)


Integrated Financial Analysis and Financial Planning


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Sector Experience

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Every project has its own history.
Target Company Delilah Holdings Inc.
Buyer Catena Media plc.
Sector online affiliate marketing
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance is a highly professional M & A advisor that guarantees the greatest possible transaction security with the right negotiating skills and process pressure, combined with high fairness. The very pleasant working methods with WALTER FRIES are characterized by profound specialist knowledge as well as in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry. «

Christian, CEO of Delilah Holdings Inc.

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has acquired Delilah Holdings Inc. exclusively for the sale of its assets MrGamez.net and Spielekiste.de to the listed company Catena Media plc. (Nasdaq) advise.

Through the acquisition, Catena Media intends on the one hand to expand its portfolio and on the other to expand its presence in Germany and to continue to grow in the German-speaking area.

About Delilah Holding Inc. MrGamez.net, Spielekiste.de

MrGamez.net and Spielekiste.de are iGaming affiliate sites that focus on the German-speaking games market. The websites were launched in 2011, with the goal for online gamers to offer the latest and best deals. The main markets are Germany and Switzerland, both markets are showing solid growth. (www.mrgamez.net, www.spielekiste.de)

About Catena Media plc.

The Catena Media story began in 2012. What began as a shared hobby between two friends has grown to become one of the world's most successful online lead generation companies in the iGaming industry, with over 200 employees in Malta, the UK and the UK Serbia. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North in the United States. (www.catenamedia.com)

Target Company C+ITEC AG
Buyer TeleForte Telekommunikations AG
Sector telecommunication
Transaction volume not published

»The very good experiences with the WALTER FRIES Group in the past have led us to assign them for the transaction process. The negotiation process was prepared and realized highly professional. But just as important is the trust in our advisor, the personal accompaniment during the emotional parts of the transaction. Therefore we had a strong feeling of being in good hands.«

Marko Brandt, chairman of C+ITEC AG

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH acted as the exclusive advisor to the shareholders of C+ITEC AG selling their shares to TeleForte Telekommunikations AG, a company of Firstcom Europe S.a.r.l.

By the cooperation, C+ITEC AG assures the intended alignment towards an “ITK Full-Service Provider”. The company is now able to provide all modules of telecommunication to their customers. The holding company FirstCom Europe S.a.r.l
pursues the objective to expend the extremely dynamic business segment of Cloud Telephony sustainably by the strategic acquisition.


The C+ITEC AG is an innovative and dynamic company located in Aschaffenburg/Main. As a system house for communication and information technology the focus areas are telecommunication, unified communications, voice over IP, cloud communications, software development and applications. From consulting via planning to installation as well as trainings C+ITEC AG provides complete system solutions for every segment which are ideally adapted to the customers requirements. www.citec-ag.de

TeleForte Telekommunikations AG

The TeleForte Telekommunikations AG is a renowned company in the area of modern corporate communication located in Augsburg. As a leading provider of service numbers, routing management, cloud communication, site networking as well as worldwide voice and data connections TeleForte represents national and international competence, innovation and highest quality of service. www.teleforte.com

Target Company Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG & Franz Duge
Buyer Hans Riegelein & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG
Sector food sector
Transaction volume not published

I was really impressed with the extremely professional approach of WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance leading to this huge success in this special transaction. The branch know-how together with a professional approach of Mr Thorsten Hackspiel and Mr Christian Eckhardt for me made it a thoroughly positive experience.

Franz Duge, chocri GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH acted as the sole and exclusive advisor to Mr Franz Duge selling his shares of chocri GmbH based in Berlin, Germany to Hans Riegelein & Sohn GmbH & Co KG, Germany.

Within this merger both companies wish to ensure further growth effects and considerable synergy effects by manufacturing and sales of creative chocolate confectionary.

The company Riegelein is one of the European market leaders of chocolate confectionary. Together with about 900 employees the company realizes a annual revenue of about
120m Euro. Focus within this acquisition is to strengthen the own online shop as well as other activities in a so called growing market of mass customization in the food sector.

Due to this transaction chocri expects considerable synergy effects in terms of a centralized purchasing, production and logistics. Together with about 100 employees the Berlin based company achieves an annual revenue of about 3,5m Euro. The co-founder and Managing Director Michael Bruck will continue his engagements within the company that will be a part of the Riegelein Group in the future.

chocri GmbH

MrGamez.net and Spielkiste.de are iGaming-affiliate sites, which concentrate on the German-speaking games market. The websites were launched in 2011 with the aim of offering the latest and best offers for online gamers. The main markets are Germany and Switzerland, with both solid growth. (www.mrgamez.net, www.spielekiste.de)

Hans Riegelein & Sohn GmbH & Co KG

Since 1953 headquarters of the company is Cadolzburg near Nuremberg. Riegelein acts as a European market leader of chocolate figures. With over 750 different chocolate products, a wide range of variety can be offered. About 18.000 tons of chocolate per year is manufactured within the highest quality approach. This German product is exported to over 50 countries worldwide as for example Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, USA and Canada, Australia up to South Africa and finally China.

Target Company Comcave Group
Buyer Gilde Buy Out Partners
Sector education
Transaction volume not published

»In recent years COMCAVE performed very successfully. The company has an outstanding position in the german vocational training market and has created the necessary conditions for a nationwide roll-out of education centers. With Gilde Buy Out Partners we will get a strong strategic partner supporting the next level of corporate development. Therefore we focus on growth and continuity together. The M&A consultants of WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance have advised during the whole transaction process with an outstanding engagement. They have understood our business rapidly and recognized the potentials in COMCAVE. The advisers of WALTER FRIES contributed to success of this transaction significantly and created a balanced, pleasant atmosphere, where every party’s interests were taken into account.«

Maximilian A. Jaber, founder and CEO of COMCAVE

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH sucessfully advised COMCAVE.COLLEGE® GmbH from Dortmund throughout the sales in shares of Comcave College GmbH, COMCAVE Recruitment Services GmbH, Academy 2.0 GmbH and CPI Consulting + Training GmbH to Gilde Buy Out Partners.

Comcave is a leading provider of occupational re-training and advanced vocational training for adults. The Company is focused on IT-related education measures, which are being held at 14 education centers nationwide. Participants can flexibly choose between on-site presence learning modules or location-independent courses via the Company’s telelearning offering. In order to support Comcave’s transition to the next level of corporate development, management has chosen to partner with Gilde, a well-established financial investor with a strong track record in mid-market buy-out transactions in Germany. As a result of the acquisition, management will gain an experienced partner looking to actively support the planned growth strategy, which is centered on the expansion of the German education center network as well as on selective service portfolio enhancements. The incumbent management team procures substantial experience in the occupational re-training and advanced vocational training markets and has successfully developed Comcave into a leading adult education provider. The operational management of the Company will remain with the incumbent management team.


Comcave, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dortmund is one of the leading providers for adult education and training in Germany. For almost ten years the Company has been offering high quality education services preparing participants for the ever growing demand of increasing skill requirements in the labour market. The Company’s services are aimed at effectively alleviating the skills shortage in Germany. Comcave offers more than 200 occupational re-training and advanced vocational training courses focusing on IT related education measures. Course attendance can be achieved either at one of the currently 14 nationwide education centers or remotely via logging into a virtual classroom. www.college.comcave-group.de

About Gilde Buy Out Partners

Gilde Buy Out Partners is a leading European private equity investor for mid-market transactions with operations in the DACH region and the Benelux countries. Gilde manages funds in excess of EUR 2 billion and controls majority stake shareholdings in, amongst others, Spandex, Eismann, Teleplan, Roompot, Powerlines, HG and Plukon Royal. For more information, please visit www.gilde.com.

Target Company EuCor GmbH & Co. KG
Buyer stock listed company
Sector Media & IP sector
Transaction volume not published

»The professional advisory of WFCF gave us confidence and the highest transaction security, which was most important during this transaction together with a worldwide operating and stock listed company with the highest reputation. We express our gratitude to Mr. Christian Hock (Advisor of WFCF) who also ensured on the investors’ side the highest dimension of confidence and routine at any time.«

Alexander Liebert, former shareholder of EuCor GmbH & Co. KG

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH successfully advised EuCor GmbH & Co. KG from Aschaffenburg throughout its due diligence and divestment processes.

About EuCor GmbH & Co. KG

EuCor GmbH & Co. KG has been a potent, competent and responsible service partner in the field of industrial property rights. The employees examine databases for word and image brands, trademarks, design patents, domain names and titles all over the world on behalf of multinational manufacturers of branded goods, SMEs, distinguished law firms, renowned advertising agencies and product designers. EuCor handles this with instinct experience and success. www.eucor.com

Target Company MapCase GmbH
Buyer Venture Capital Network, ISB
Sector mobile application
Transaction volume not published

»As winter sports enthusiasts, we are particularly happy about this investment. With a dynamic, passionate and innovative founder and management team the company has already gained a lot of attention in the Alpine skiing market. Due to the enormous potential, we expect a long-term, trusting and successful partnership with the Mapcase team and ISB.«

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH successfully advised the innovative App company MapCase GmbH from Mainz in its sale of a shareholding to Venture Capital Network GmbH from Aschaffenburg and Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz.

About MapCase GmbH

The app MaptoSnow documents the piste experience of the winter sports athletes via GPS and records performance data, such as speed, altitude and distance covered. The special feature: The integration of a medal system almost turns the App into a real video game. The winter sports athletes receive virtual medals for their on-piste performances. Anyone putting his feet up in the hut for too long is surprised with the Lazy Dog Pin. Customers include the winter sports destinations Sölden, Schladming, Laax, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis or Davos. www.mapcase.de

About Venture Capital Network GmbH

VCN is a venture capital firm that has developed from a partnership between the management consultancy WALTER FRIES and the funds Seedfonds Bayern and High-Tech Gründerfonds. Together with three additional investors from the Aschaffenburg region, the company was formed to support innovative start-ups.
Apart from the financial support, the investors advise and coach the founders in their enterprise. Many years of experience and contacts from diverse business areas come together in this venture capital firm.

About Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz

The Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB) is the economic and housing development institute of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, headquartered in Mainz. ISB provides low-interest loans, investments, guarantees and subsidies to support medium-sized companies, start-ups, expansions, communal infrastructure, creation and modernisation of residential accommodation. www.isb.rlp.de

Target Company Musiker Board, Musik-Service
Buyer Musikhaus Thomann e.K.
Sector internet forum, e-commerce
Transaction volume not published

»I was really impressed with the extremely professional approach, all the way from the extensive consultation and analysis. The communication and the working style of the entire WALTER FRIES Group of Companies throughout the entire process was a thoroughly enjoyable and highly motivating experience.«

Klaus Langer, management partner of Musik Board

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised the largest musician community in the DACH region - the music service Musiker Board - inn its sale to the Musikhaus Thomann.

Musikhaus Thomann considers the acquisition of the musicians’ forum a strategic benefit. The team will remain in place and the know-how developed by Musiker Board is therefore preserved.

About Musiker Board

With more than 50,000 German visitors a day, Musiker Board is the largest forum for musicians. 200,000 active members discuss current issues in the areas of music industry, music production and instruments in more than 6 million contributions. www.musiker-board.de

About Musikhaus Thomann e.K.

The company Thomann was founded by Hans Thomann in Burgebrach (Bavaria) in 1954. Thomann currently employs 980 staff and with an annual revenue of over EUR 500 million, it is the largest music supplies retailer in Europe. More than 25,000 items from the world of music are in stock at all times, spread over 10,000 pallet slots and an area of 7,700 sqm. Since 2004, customer numbers have roughly doubled with current figures above 4.5 million customers. www.thomann.de

Target Company Thomas-Krenn.AG
Buyer VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG
Sector IT Hardware
Transaction volume not published

»We had a competent and goal-oriented partner in WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance throughout the entire project. They supported our extensive project professionally and competently from draft to completion. The consultants not only impressed us with their expertise, they also took our personal preferences into account - they really understand the requirements of a medium-sized company. We always felt we were in good hands and received sound advice. This is why we highly recommend WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance.«

Christoph Maier, management board of Thomas-Krenn.AG

VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG acquired the majority of shares in the Bavarian company Thomas-Krenn.AG. WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance acted as consultant to Thomas-Krenn.AG throughout the divestment process.

The participation of VENTIZZ and the additional capital aimed to secure further growth of the company and the development of new markets. Thomas-Krenn.AG considers VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG a long-term partner who will contribute his many years of experience in high tech sectors with strong potential.

About Thomas-Krenn.AG

Thomas-Krenn.AG is one of the largest server suppliers in Europe. The company was formed in 2002 and it assembles all of its products in Germany without exception. With about 90 employees, Thomas-Krenn.AG provides EDP server systems and high quality hosting services. Numerous awards, including the Bavarian Quality Award “Bayrischer Qualitätspreis”, confirm the development. www.thomas-krenn.com

About VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG

VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG is a leading private equity investor in the area of growth capital und medium-sized tech buyouts in the DACH region. The acquisition of the server company serves their strategy of investing in technology-oriented high-growth companies. Moreover, they consider Thomas-Krenn.AG to be a key player in the server market with high-growth potential and expect that Krenn will gain market share in the future. www.vmcap.de

Target Company XORTEX eBusiness GmbH
Buyer Thomas-Krenn.AG
Sector IT Services
Transaction volume not published

When Thomas-Krenn.AG was sold to VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG, the management of Krenn decided to acquire its software supplier of many years, XORTEX eBusiness GmbH, and integrate it into its own value chain.

The team around Thorsten Hackspiel and Christian Hock of WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance supported the entire purchase process of XORTEX eBusiness Gmbh.

About XORTEX eBusiness GmbH

XORTEX is a full service internet agency, boasting numerous international awards. The service range is divided into the key areas E-Commerce (online portals, online shops, intranet), E-Marketing (search engines, campaigns, newsletters) and hosting (web and mail servers). Since its inception in 1999, more than 250 projects have been completed successfully. www.xortex.at

About Thomas-Krenn.AG

Thomas-Krenn.AG is one of the largest server suppliers in Europe. The company was formed in 2002 and it assembles all of its products in Germany without exception. With about 90 employees, Thomas-Krenn.AG provides EDP server systems and high quality hosting services. Numerous awards, including the Bavarian Quality Award “Bayrischer Qualitätspreis”, confirm the development. The company can count medium-sized companies and major enterprises amongst its customers. Around one third of all DAX companies are supplied by Thomas-Krenn.AG. www.thomas-krenn.com

Target Company netdirekt
Buyer LeaseWeb Germany GmbH
Sector IT Services
Transaction volume not published

»The extremely professional approach - starting from the business analysis and documentation through the enterprise valuation to the management of negotiations and the coordination of external consultants - has really impressed me. My objectives were given due consideration throughout: safeguarding all employees’ jobs, the integration into a socially compatible environment and the highest purchase price possible.«

Wiethold Wagner, management partner of netdirekt

About netdirect

The hosting operator netdirekt was founded in Frankfurt in 1996 and served around 3000 customers with a total of 6500 servers at the time of the takeover, mostly in Southern and Eastern Europe. The service included dedicated servers, virtualisation and co-location. www.netdirekt.com/tr

About LeaseWeb Germany GmbH

LeaseWeb was founded in 1997 and is now one of the Top 30 hosting providers in the world with 200 employees. From its headquarters in Amsterdam, the company provides dedicated and co-located hosting, virtualisation and cloud offers, as well as customised IT infrastructure solutions. In Europe and North America, LeaseWeb has access to a bandwidth capacity of one and a half terabytes per second (1.5 Tbit/s). www.leaseweb.de

Target Company förderland.de
Buyer WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG
Sector Internet
Transaction volume not published

»Very competent support and advice throughout our divestment process. The communication and working style were positive throughout the entire process, and the preparation of a long list for the approach of suitable buyers brought excellent results. The company divestiture was concluded successfully in a very short time-frame. Any time!«

Matthias Storch, management partner of förderland

About förderland

The online platform förderland was founded by Matthias Storch, Michael Pott and Sebastian Grehn in 2005 and enjoys the highest visitor numbers of all independent information and news portals for founders and entrepreneurs in the DACH region. Apart from structured information about all aspects of starting and developing a business, förderland offers current news, specialist contributions and background reports for organisational success, as well as extensive dossiers and contributions addressing relevant social topics.


WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG is part of the WEKA Group of Companies. With around 1500 employees, it is one of the leading providers of multimedia specialist information solutions in the Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government areas. The diverse range includes software, online and print products, e-learning products and a modular, internet-based solution for large customers, as well as seminars, symposiums and conferences. www.weka.de

Target Company BAUER Informationssysteme GmbH
Buyer OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH
Sector Software
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance provided us with a thorough consultation in the process of transaction and financing. The family-oriented Bauer Informationssysteme GmbH and the future development were very dear to the shareholders. With this point, it was very important to have an experienced negotiating partner, who raised the emotions to a factual level. Last but not least, a well-prepared due diligence also convinced the financing partners and public institutions to accompany the project. I felt very well professionally cared for in every phase! Like we've always been working together.«

Ufuk Ergün, management partner of OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has advised OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH exclusively for the acquisition of Bauer Informationssysteme GmbH.

In context of a successor solution for BAUER Informationssysteme GmbH, OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH acquires 100% of the shares. Through this strategic acquisition, the company promises new synergy effects in the "software production and innovative IT consulting" for medium-sized companies.

BAUER Informationssysteme GmbH

BAUER Informationssysteme GmbH is a medium-sized system house with more than 40 years of experience in the development of ERP standard software for medium-sized businesses based in Friedrichsdorf and six partner companies throughout Germany. In this network, the company guarantees comprehensive consulting and support in the area of ​​ERP solutions. Through comprehensive industry competences in production, trade and service, one is able to actively support processes and requirements and to focus on holistic responsibility for IT processes, through to turnkey installations with permanent monitoring and services.

OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH

OST Operation Systems Technologie GmbH is a company and technology consultancy based in Königstein im Taunus. The internationally operating company group in the field of innovative IT solutions identifies innovators and brings them together with investors, business partners and enterprise customers. In addition, it provides consulting and research services with the background of software technology. Among other things, the group maintains strategic alliances with Amazon, Citrix Systems, Deutsche Telekom, IBM and Microsoft. (www.operationsystemstechnologie.de)

Target Company Intellishop AG
Buyer Privatinvestoren, L-EA Private Equity GmbH, S-Kap Beteiligungen
Sector E-Commerce Software
Transaction volume not published

»I was very impressed with the personal support I received and the highly professional and goal-oriented approach of my points of contact at WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance, who were always ready and willing to help with advice and action, even at the most impracticable times. Thank you very much for your support and the outstanding exit process!«

Marco Beicht, management partner of Intellishop AG

The Intellishop AG sold its shares to two private investors, L-EA Private Equity GmbH and S-Kap Beteiligungen. WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised Intellishop AG throughout the complex transaction process.

The investors are strengthening their position in the growing e-commerce market with the acquisition of Intellishop AG.

About Intellishop AG

Intellishop AG was founded in 2004 and has continuously developed its market position. Intellishop is a process-oriented e-commerce software solution and can adapt completely to the individual project requirements, which makes it suitable for both large and medium-sized companies. It is now used in 11 countries. www.intellishop.ag

About L-EA Private Equity GmbH

L-Bank finances medium-sized companies in Baden-Württemberg via the L-EA Mittelstandsfonds. The provision of equity and equity-type financing serves a variety of financing needs from increase in equity, corporate succession planning and growth financing. The L-EA Mittelstandsfonds currently comprises a fund volume of EUR 500 million. www.l-ea.de

Target Company Reifen-Müller KG, Reifen-Müller GmbH & Co. Runderneuerungswerk KG
Buyer Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.
Sector Trade in tires
Transaction volume not published

"WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised us professionally during the entire sales process and supported us actively, especially in the intensive phases. The role of a mediator between the different cultures was extremely helpful. This was especially important for a successful deal."

Klaus Müller, managing partner of Reifen-Müller KG from Hammelburg

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised the shareholders of Reifen-Müller KG and Reifen-Müller GmbH & Co. Runderneuerungswerk KG exclusively on the sale of the company to the European subsidiary of Hankook Tire Co., Ltd.

With the acquisition of Reifen-Müller Hankook Tire secures one of the most innovative tire distribution models in Germany - in a market environment with strong competition. The tire manufacturer is thus continuing to invest in its sales channels in Europe, thereby strengthening its global competitiveness. In addition, Hankook Tire will use the 44 service centers of Reifen-Müller as a strategic basis, thus further expanding its business through a reliable sales network.

Reifen-Müller KG

Reifen-Müller KG is one of the leading German tire dealers and was founded in 1966. The company currently employs more than 700 people and operates 44 of its own service stations in Germany that sell tires from the passenger car, light and heavy truck and bus sectors, as well as motorcycle and AS tires. (www.reifen-mueller.com)

Reifen-Müller GmbH & Co. Runderneuerungswerk KG

Reifen-Müller GmbH & Co. retreading plant KG is one of the most modern retreading companies for light truck and truck tires in Europe. As part of state-of-the-art production techniques, customers can choose between hot and cold renewal. (www.reifen-mueller.com)

Hankook Tire Co. Ltd

The South Korean manufacturer Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. manufactures innovative high-performance radial tires in the premium segment for passenger cars, SUVs, off-road vehicles, light trucks, motorhomes, trucks, buses and automotive motorsport (circuit / rally) worldwide. The company employs 22,000 people worldwide and delivers its products to over 180 countries. (www.hankooktire.com)

Target Company WTA Christina Wachsmuth GmbH und Co. KG
Buyer SCHINK Management & Holding GmbH
Sector industry services
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance supported me comprehensively in this new topic of corporate sales. The structured approach, paired with a sensitive negotiation process in a transaction with a family background, was very close to our hearts. Especially here it was important to have an experienced partner to the side. Last but not least, due to a well-prepared due diligence on the investor side, a great deal of trust was built up. I felt very well looked after and professionally looked after in my advisory team at every stage. «

Christina Wachsmuth, shareholder of WTA Christina Wachsmuth GmbH und Co. KG

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH advised the majority shareholder of WTA Christina Wachsmuth GmbH und Co. KG exclusively in connection with the sale of shares to SCHINK Management & Holding GmbH.

In the context of a perspective succession solution, SCHINK Management & Holding GmbH acquires 70% of the shares of the company. Through this acquisition, the entrepreneur expects significant growth opportunities in an attractive market environment for industrial services across Europe. The structure of the company remains untouched, the employees are completely preserved.

About WTA Christina Wachsmuth GmbH und Co. KG

WTA Wachsmuth, headquartered in Freigericht, provides product-related and production-related services for industry with more than 100 employees. The services include the processing of components and the quality-assured reworking of products for error-free delivery to customers. The assembly of goods and printed matter of all kinds, completes the spectrum. The company's customers come from the metal and plastic industry and are active in the automotive, medical technology, plant engineering and mechanical engineering sectors as well as pharmaceutical technology and advertising.
Among the special features of the company include the shortest order execution from small to large series, the zero defect policy and the consistent adherence to guaranteed delivery dates. (www.wta-wachsmuth.de)

About SCHINK Management & Holding GmbH

Mr. Torsten Schink (Dipl.-Ing. FH), private investor and shareholder of SCHINK Management & Holding GmbH, has held leading positions in various management positions of multinational corporations for several years. He has a rich network of contacts in the construction and industrial sectors. In the future, Mr. Schink will take over the tasks of sales, commercial management, marketing and business development without changing the existing structures of the company.

Target Company ex°Celsius Global Services GmbH
Buyer ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH
Sector industry services for kilns
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised me perfectly in the process of selling the company. The structured approach, coupled with the future development plans of the buyer side, was very important to everyone involved. Especially here it was important to have an experienced negotiating partner by the side, who correctly documents and channels the strategic goals and the essential topics in the process. Last but not least, a well-prepared due diligence ensured a high probability of implementation. I felt very well looked after in every phase and looked after professionally!«

Frank Schwarzenau, CEO of ex°Celsius

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised the shareholder of ex°Celsius Global Services GmbH and ex°Celsius Rental Services GmbH exclusively on the sale of the company to the ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH.

In order to exploit growth opportunities in international business even more than before and to initiate the succession solution in the future, the ROBUR Group acquires the majority stake in the corporate group. Through this strategic acquisition, the company expects significant growth opportunities in an attractive market environment for industrial kilns and burner system services in the glass industry worldwide. The structure of the company remains untouched. The former shareholder remains as managing director in the company as well as the complete employee base. Further synergies from the ROBUR Group are to be expected.

About ex°Celsius Global Services GmbH and ex°Celsius Rental Services GmbH

As a leading specialist in the heating, maintenance and repair of industrial burner systems and kilns, especially for the glass industry, ex ° Celsius is a global company. The company was founded by Mr. Frank Schwarzenau and has its headquarters in Lohr am Main. The new integration into the Robur Group means a substantial expansion of the service portfolio as well as the important addition of technical know-how by experienced and highly qualified employees in an attractive niche market. (www.excelsius-global.com)

About ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH

Munich-based ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH is a steadily growing group in the field of high-quality industrial services in the German-speaking area. The majority of the companies in the Group are held by ROBUR Group and work together in partnership under a common strategic leadership. Perspectively, it is intended to establish a market-leading medium-sized corporate group in the field of industrial services. With a market size of € 20 billion and growth of around 3% p.a., the portfolio companies benefit from the size of the group and can leverage sales, capacity utilization and management synergies worldwide. (www.robur-group.com)

Target Company friedrich GmbH
Buyer Brochier Holding GmbH & CO. KG
Sector building services, plumbing, heating
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised us perfectly in the process of a company followed solution. The family-oriented environment paired with the future development plans of the buyer side was very close to the heart of all those involved. Especially here it was important to have an experienced negotiating partner at his side, which raises the emotions to a factual level and properly documents and channels the essential topics in the process. Last but not least, a well-prepared due diligence ensured a high probability of implementation. We felt very well looked after in each phase and looked after professionally!«

Martin Homes and Kai Uwe Bittner, friedrich GmbH

The WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance exclusively brokered friedrich GmbH in the sale of the company to Brochier Holding GmbH & CO. KG advise.

In connection with a company followed solution, Brochier Holding GmbH & CO. KG acquires 100% of the shares of the company. Through this strategic acquisition, the company expects new regional advantages in the Northern Bavaria region as well as significant growth opportunities in an attractive market environment. The structure of friedrich GmbH remains unaffected, the former shareholders remain as managing directors in the company and the employees are completely preserved. The Brochier GmbH & Co. KG is committed to continuity and wants to carry the long history of the company and the good reputation with dedication and reason into the future.

About friedrich GmbH

The company has been dealing with the technology around the house since 1847. High know-how and constant further development as well as excellently trained personnel are a philosophy of the handicraft enterprise practiced over years. The friedrich GmbH develops intelligent, economical heating concepts and is one of the pioneers in terms of solar technology. In addition, the planning and realization of bathrooms is an essential business model, plus repairs and maintenance. (www.friedrich-ab.de)

About Brochier Holding GmbH & CO. KG

The companies of the medium-sized and family-run BROCHIER Group cover a broad spectrum of technical building equipment (TGA). With a total of 540 employees, BROCHIER is one of the leading companies in the industry in southern Germany as a full service provider for modern building technology. Here the group is represented beside the main location Nuremberg also in Munich and Holzkirchen.
In over 140 years of corporate history, the foundation of action is respect and fairness. As a technical service provider, the group impresses with its high quality, energy-efficient design and sustainable work. (www.brochier-holding.de)

Target Company Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie GmbH und W+S Aerosol-Technik GmbH
Buyer Gesellschafter der mibenco® gmbh
Sector colours & paint
Transaction volume not published

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has guided us perfectly during this due diligence as well as the implementation and financing of this transaction. From our point of view it was extremely important to have professionals at our side that could manage this process at any time. The negotiations had been very emotional and for our management a thrilling experience. We are very happy about the professional approach of Mr. Fries, Sandra Stürmer and Mario Rüdel that associated the funding, not at least because of their reputation within the financial institutions. In the End this was a full service approach!«

Mr. Michael Benedict, managing partner of mibenco® gmbh

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has exclusively advised the shareholders of mibenco® gmbh in the acquisition of the company Weigel + Schmidt lacquer chemistry GmbH together with W + S Aerosol Technik GmbH.

mibenco® gmbh is a leading manufacturer of liquid rubber products and generated through this strategic acquisition the highest synergy potential in the development, production and filling of an existing product line. Furthermore, the well-known products of W + S Group will be traded in an outstanding and innovative distribution channel of mibenco® gmbh.

About mibenco® gmbh

The mibenco® gmbh from Aschaffenburg offers its customers special aerosol products of car tuning, crafts and model building a successful innovation of liquid rubber coating. The product name "mibenco" offers a 100-percent natural product for the entire market. Previously active as a bottler and assembler of liquid rubber composition, mibenco® gmbh has looked closely at the different needs of users and invested into the development of new liquid rubber. www.mibenco.com

About Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie GmbH und W+S Aerosol-Technik GmbH

Weigel + Schmidt lacquer chemistry GmbH is an independent, medium sized company based near Aschaffenburg, Germany. The company manufactures and distributes for over more than 30 years worldwide special coatings in terms of corrosion protection, galvanized surfaces, Zinc Coating systems and others. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and the extensive and continuously updated knowledge large quantities are produced and delivered. www.ws-lackchemie.de

W + S Aerosol-Technik GmbH

The company W + S Aerosol Technik GmbH is specialized in the filling of small to medium sizes of industrial aerosols for paint manufacturers and other commercial customers.The extensive, long-standing expertise in aerosol filling, a modern equipped laboratory, and extreme flexibility in terms of specific customer applications guarantees the success of the company.

Target Company MSS Medical Set Services GmbH
Buyer STS Medical Group S.à.r.l.
Sector medical technology
Transaction volume not published

»The professional approach of WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has just given us the highest comfort dealing with an international group of companies within private equity background. Especially when carrying out the due diligence and negotiating the sales and purchasing agreement. Holger Fries and Christian Hock have taken a very important part in this: Always focused on my ideas, but also focused on the interests of investors.«

Detlev Sven Neumann, CEO and shareholder of MSS Medical Services GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has exclusively advised the MSS Medical Set Service GmbH during the transaction process of a share sale to the STS Medical Group with headquarters in Luxembourg

The STS Medical generated through this strategic acquisition highest synergy potential in the field of production and of distribution of OP Sets Europe, while ensuring further sustainable growth in a strong group.

About MSS Medical Set Service GmbH

MSS Medical Set Services GmbH is based near Aschaffenburg, in northern Bavaria and manufactures OP sets or so-called treatment units in medical technology. The production focus is in the field of ophthalmology, the medical term for ophthalmology. The product range also includes OP Sets for operational applications, for example in gynecology, orthopedics and dentistry. The company produces since 2006 highly specialized and highly functional medical devices with the highest quality standards and is ISO certified. STS Medical group Background.

About STS Medical Group S.à.r.l.

The STS Medical Group is an internationally operating group of companies in the field of production and distribution of medical products in particular OP - component systems, clean room garments and highly specialized surgical sets. The company group is with their products for over 25 years a market leader in Europe and is part of the portfolio of Monitor Clipper Partners, a private equity fund based in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as in Zurich, Switzerland. www.stsmedicalgroup.com

Target Company hkc GmbH
Buyer WOLFF & MÜLLER Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Sector construction engineering services
Transaction volume not published

»I was really impressed with the extremely professional approach, starting with the extensive consultation and analysis, but especially in the advanced stages of negotiation in connection with a listed group of target companies. An accurate and careful target identification in terms of finding an excellent partner for the future growth of the company was the key for this great success. The communication and professional approach of Mr Holger Fries and Mr Christian Hock made for a thoroughly positive experience that inspired trust and helped me to do the right decisions at any point during this complex process.«

Marc Hackmann, CEO of hkc GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH acted as the sole and exclusive advisor to hkc GmbH a construction engineering company based in Rostock, Germany throughout the sales of its minority stake to WOLFF & MÜLLER Group from Stuttgart, Germany.

Intending to ensure the further growth in special engineering services in particular within the public sector the Stuttgart based Wolff & Müller follows a strategically minority stake in a highly specialized construction engineering provider as hkc GmbH. Furthermore looking into the future additional synergies, know-how and as well other add on`s to the existing business mix will be strongly generated and developed.

About hkc GmbH

Founded in 2001 the construction engineering company is based in five further offices in Rostock, Hamburg, Bremen, and Duisburg as well in Nuremberg. Within a team of over 80 generalists and specialists construction projects obtaining the classic architectural and engineering operations and all other services related to this context are realized within the highest efficiency in costs, quality and adherences in schedules in the fields of HOAI. As well other planning as construction supervision tasks belong to the broad spectrum combining a significant branch know how with a top level of quality in the German general construction sector. www.hkc-gmbh.com

About WOLFF & MÜLLER Group

WOLFF & MÜLLER a group of companies is a family owned construction service provider with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The company was founded and dates back to 1936. The current business mix consists of three subjects: general construction, building materials and other construction related services. Within the field of general construction the group is involved in engineering services, surface construction, underground construction, road building, special construction, steel constructions and also in reconstructions of buildings. Furthermore Wolff & Müller Group is invested in other branch related companies and as well other services in particular a fully company owned raw material plant. In 2013 counting about 1.800 employees altogether the company realizes a total revenue of about € 600m. www.wolff-mueller.de

Target Company C/S RaumCenter GmbH
Buyer Cramo Oyi
Sector container solutions
Transaction volume not published

»I was really impressed with the extremely professional approach, starting with the extensive consultation and analysis, but especially in the advanced stages of negotiation in connection with an international and listed group of companies. The communication and professional approach of Mr Holger Fries and Mr Christian Hock made for a thoroughly positive experience that inspired trust.«

Klaus Schmidt, managing director of C/S Raum auf Zeit

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised Germany’s most innovative provider of container solutions – the C/S RaumCenter GmbH – in its sale to the Finnish company Cramo Oyi.

The Scandinavian firm’s objective with this strategic acquisition is the sustainable development of the important business unit modular space in Germany and Europe. In addition, further sustainable synergies are created for the future with respect to the establishment of new business units within the field of innovative and high quality container solutions.

About C/S RaumCenter GmbH

C/S RaumCenter GmbH is a medium-sized company with 20 employees and headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. It has been one of the leading providers of innovative, highly flexible container solutions for 30 years. The company is well-known for its special solutions for pavilion construction and customised solutions for container buildings and enjoys a renowned customer base. It provides a complete range of services from design and installation to more extensive services, such as transport, cleaning and warehouse storage. www.cs-raum.de

Über Cramo Oyi

Cramo Group of Companies with headquarters in Vantaa in Finland is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Together with its German subsidiary Theissen, it specialises in the sale and rental of tools, construction machinery, work platforms, lift trucks, access systems, scaffolding and modular room solutions. More than 2,500 employees serve over 150,000 customers worldwide with 200,000 hire items at 360 locations in 15 countries. In 2013, the company achieved revenues of around EUR 660 million. It is considered to be Europe’s second largest company in this field. www.cramo.com

Target Company Scherer Feinbau GmbH
Sector mechanical engineering
Transaction volume not published

»CHIRON-Werke is the perfect partner for me. The professional support of the transaction through the WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance team was one of the crucial factors in the successful conclusion. I always felt like I was in good hands at every stage of the process. At the end the buyer also praised the process and I’m sure that’s not something you see every day.«

Frank Scherer, managing director of Scherer Feinbau GmbH

With CHIRON-Werke/Tuttlingen, we gained a company with leading technology in the field of vertical CNC machining centres that provides particularly strong synergies through its international orientation and the professionalisation of standardised highly innovative machines. This transaction allows the company Scherer Feinbau GmbH to reach the next stage of development while expanding its regional location. The product ranges complement each other and consequently, another pillar could be added for CHIRON-Werke.

About Scherer Feinbau GmbH

Scherer Feinbau GmbH has been a successful supplier of vertical lathes and vertical turning machines and employs more than 200 highly skilled staff at its location in Aschaffenburg. This range of machines is used by renowned car manufacturers and their suppliers in series production. The company stands out with its individual solutions on the highest standard.


CHIRON operates vertical CNC production centres worldwide. These are manufactured in series production and can be adjusted to the specific task on a modular basis. The traditional company employs more than 1,600 highly qualified and motivated staff worldwide. Customers from the automotive and aerospace industries, mechanical engineering, medical technology, and the watch and jewellery industry include numerous international industry leaders.

Target Company HAUG GmbH
Sector trade with steel and iron goods
Transaction volume not published

»I am truly glad that WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH and Mr Fries and Mr Hock were brought to my attention in a specialist article in a manager magazine. Our cooperation was of the highest standard. Both gentlemen could be contacted at any time and were able to consider all interests tactfully. Their work was always on time and up to date and this ensured success. They steered processes, searched for interested parties and did all the talking for me. I am convinced that this personal commitment made a difference to the end result. I gladly recommend WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance without reservation.«

Hans Retter, management partner of HAUG GmbH

GEBR. LOTTER KG from Ludwigsburg acquired assets of HAUG GmbH from Bad Friedrichshall, a wholesale company with a focus on steel and iron goods, in an asset deal. WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance supported and advised HAUG GmbH and its partner Mr Retter throughout the entire divestment process in the context of succession planning.

The merger of the two companies allows HAUG GmbH to utilise the steel stores of the Lotter Group and consequently to offer a significantly enhanced range of steel bars and rods, sectional steel, pipes, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. The takeover of HAUG GmbH, with its substantial hot rolled sheet and strip stores and many years of experience with high quality materials, is an important addition to the existing product range of Gebr. Lotter KG and provides a significant strategic competitive advantage in the highly developed Heilbronn region.

Meanwhile, Mr Retter will be able to place the history of HAUG GmbH into qualified hands and secure the succession of the family business after 40 years of successful company management.

About HAUG GmbH

The primary activity of HAUG GmbH is the wholesale of steel, metal sheets and iron goods. The main customer groups are the metal processing industry, mechanical engineering firms, and metalworkers, as well as the trades and private persons. With 29 staff, HAUG GmbH offers its customers a 24-hour order and delivery service. www.haug-stahlhandel.de


GEBR. LOTTER KG is a family business and one of the leading wholesalers in Greater Ludwigsburg. With 15 locations across Germany and around 1,200 employees, it offers its industrial and trade customers high quality and a vast range of components, fittings, reinforced steel, floor coverings, liquid gas, household goods, heating, kitchens, sanitation and plumbing, rolled steel and tools. www.lotter.de

Target Company GA Automotive GmbH
Buyer Appario GmbH
Sector automotive and component supply
Transaction volume not published

»A strategic re-orientation such as we had planned requires tremendous effort. With Appario GmbH and its affiliated managers, we have found the perfect addition to achieve this task, both on the production and on the capital level. Mrs Sandra Stürmer and Mr Holger Fries have already been supporting the company GA Automotive GmbH in various projects since its inception. On a management level, this was my perfect sparring partner and my external CFO for business administration and financial issues. Their approach of a suitable investor and the professional support of the entire transaction all the way to completion has provided me with great security in this stage of my entrepreneurship.«

Thomas Gansler, managing director GA Automotive GmbH

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance successfully advised the sale of a 90% share of the medium-sized component supply company GA Automotive GmbH from Vielbrunn im Odenwald.

The partners of GA Automotive GmbH were seeking a capital and industrial partner as part of their strategic re-orientation to facilitate a more targeted realisation of the growth potential. With the participation of Appario GmbH and its renowned family of entrepreneurs, as well as two managers, the existing potential is given additional backing. The merger aims to initiate an additional growth spurt. The existing management will be integrated in the growth strategy.

About GA Automotive GmbH

The ISO certified automotive component supplier in Michelstadt-Vielbrunn owns a production and storage facility of approx. 19,000 sqm and employs 175 staff. It performs machining, presswork and assembly tasks with state-of-the-art plants for series and large-scale series production. Customers include renowned car manufacturers and suppliers. www.ga-automotive.de

About Appario GmbH

Appario GmbH is a special purpose vehicle for the acquisition of the shares in GA Automotive GmbH. It is backed by two entrepreneurial families with management qualities and equity. The managing directors and MBI candidates Rainer Lechner and Joachim Balbach are also integrated into the transaction as minority shareholders. Both are also managing directors of a mechanical engineering company and add excellent know-how in the areas of production, processes and corporate steering.

Target Company NC-Automation GmbH
Buyer AMF GmbH & Co. KG
Sector automation systems for NC processing centres
Transaction volume not published

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance successfully advised the sale of the know-how rich company NC-Automation GmbH from Kempten to Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG from Fellbach.

The partners of NC-Automation GmbH are involved in other entrepreneurial activities and aim to achieve a broader market placement of numerous innovations through the sale of the company. With the acquisition of NC-Automation GmbH, Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG is extending its existing product range and continues to pursue the innovation strategy it adopted in previous years.

About NC-Automation GmbH

The company NC-Automation GmbH was founded in 1998 by Mr Karl Bauch. Its key area is the development and realisation of machine-assisted tool systems for the automation of NC processing centres. The company has successfully launched numerous new developments over the past 14 years and distinguishes itself through its strong innovative capacity.

About AMF GmbH & Co. KG

The well-established firm AMF GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1890 by Mr Andreas Maier. As a leading European manufacturer in the areas of clamping, hand tools and locks, the company now employs over 200 staff in various locations across the world. www.amf.de

Target Company Ingenieurbüro H. Kunkel GmbH + Co. KG
Buyer H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Sector engineering services
Transaction volume not published

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance advised the sole shareholder Helmut Kunkel throughout the divestment process to H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Mr Helmut Kunkel, Managing Partner of the engineering firm H. Kunkel GmbH, wished to retire from the company for reasons of age. Given that a succession solution within his own family could not be found, he decided to sell the company to H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.

The acquisition of H. Kunkel GmbH & Co. KG supports the activities of H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH in the energy, refinery, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In addition, it closes the location gap in the branch network.

The family firm was relieved to place the assignment in the professional hands of the WALTER FRIES senior advisors. Since Mr Kunkel assigned the task to external specialists in this field, he was able to focus on his daily business with a clear conscience. He made the right decision, given that senior consultant Thorsten Hackspiel gave due consideration to the personal wishes and expectations with respect to the continuation of the company as the work of Mr Kunkel’s life.

About Ingenieurbüro H. Kunkel GmbH & Co. KG

The engineering firm H. Kunkel has been involved in the planning of industrial facilities since 1963. With 100 employees, it serves the chemical, energy, petrochemical and environmental industries in the locations of Offenbach, Frankenthal, Rheinfelden and Rodenkirchen/Cologne and is one of the leading specialists in this field. www.hkunkel.de

About H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

H & G Hegmanns Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, with headquarters in Gelsenkirchen and 200 employees, has been active in the chemical, petrochemical, environmental and pharmaceutical industry sectors from its locations in Hamburg, Halle, Burghausen, Ismaning, Finland and Serbia since 1969. www.hgh.de

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