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Xortex to Thomas Krenn

Christian Hock
31. December 2011 from Christian Hock
Xortex to Thomas Krenn
Seller: XORTEX eBusiness GmbH
Buyer: Thomas-Krenn.AG
Branch: IT, media and communication
Transaction volume: not published
Closing: 31.12.2011

When Thomas-Krenn.AG was sold to VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG, the management of Krenn decided to acquire its software supplier of many years, XORTEX eBusiness GmbH, and integrate it into its own value chain.

The team around Thorsten Hackspiel and Christian Hock of WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance supported the entire purchase process of XORTEX eBusiness Gmbh.

About XORTEX eBusiness GmbH

XORTEX is a full service internet agency, boasting numerous international awards. The service range is divided into the key areas E-Commerce (online portals, online shops, intranet), E-Marketing (search engines, campaigns, newsletters) and hosting (web and mail servers). Since its inception in 1999, more than 250 projects have been completed successfully.

About Thomas-Krenn.AG

Thomas-Krenn.AG is one of the largest server suppliers in Europe. The company was formed in 2002 and it assembles all of its products in Germany without exception. With about 90 employees, Thomas-Krenn.AG provides EDP server systems and high quality hosting services. Numerous awards, including the Bavarian Quality Award “Bayrischer Qualitätspreis”, confirm the development. The company can count medium-sized companies and major enterprises amongst its customers. Around one third of all DAX companies are supplied by Thomas-Krenn.AG.

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