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Acquisition Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie by mibenco

Holger Fries
31. December 2016 from Holger Fries
Acquisition Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie by mibenco
Seller: Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie GmbH and W+S Aerosol-Technik GmbH
Buyer: Shareholder of mibenco® GmbH
Branch: trade
Transaction volume: not published
Closing: 31.12.2016

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has exclusively advised the shareholders of mibenco® GmbH in the acquisition of the company Weigel + Schmidt lacquer chemistry GmbH together with W + S Aerosol Technik GmbH.

mibenco® GmbH is a leading manufacturer of liquid rubber products and generated through this strategic acquisition the highest synergy potential in the development, production and filling of an existing product line. Furthermore, the well-known products of W + S Group will be traded in an outstanding and innovative distribution channel of mibenco® GmbH.

»WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance has guided us perfectly during this due diligence as well as the implementation and financing of this transaction. From our point of view it was extremely important to have professionals at our side that could manage this process at any time. The negotiations had been very emotional and for our management a thrilling experience. We are very happy about the professional approach of Mr. Fries, Sandra Stürmer and Mario Rüdel that associated the funding, not at least because of their reputation within the financial institutions. In the End this was a full service approach!«
Michael Benedict Executive Partner of mibenco® GmbH, Aschaffenburg

About mibenco® GmbH

The mibenco® GmbH from Aschaffenburg offers its customers special aerosol products of car tuning, crafts and model building a successful innovation of liquid rubber coating. The product name “mibenco” offers a 100-percent natural product for the entire market. Previously active as a bottler and assembler of liquid rubber composition, mibenco® GmbH has looked closely at the different needs of users and invested into the development of new liquid rubber.


About Weigel + Schmidt Lackchemie GmbH and W+S Aerosol-Technik GmbH

Weigel + Schmidt lacquer chemistry GmbH is an independent, medium sized company based near Aschaffenburg, Germany. The company manufactures and distributes for over more than 30 years worldwide special coatings in terms of corrosion protection, galvanized surfaces, Zinc Coating systems and others. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and the extensive and continuously updated knowledge large quantities are produced and delivered.


About W + S Aerosol-Technik GmbH

The company W + S Aerosol Technik GmbH is specialized in the filling of small to medium sizes of industrial aerosols for paint manufacturers and other commercial customers.The extensive, long-standing expertise in aerosol filling, a modern equipped laboratory, and extreme flexibility in terms of specific customer applications guarantees the success of the company.

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