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Trade Sale hkc to Wolff & Müller

Holger Fries
31. December 2014 from Holger Fries
Trade Sale hkc to Wolff & Müller
Seller: hkc GmbH
Buyer: WOLFF & MÜLLER Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Branch: service sector
Transaction volume: not published
Closing: 31.12.2014

WALTER FRIES Corporate Finance GmbH acted as the sole and exclusive advisor to hkc GmbH a construction engineering company based in Rostock, Germany throughout the sales of its minority stake to WOLFF & MÜLLER Group from Stuttgart, Germany.

Intending to ensure the further growth in special engineering services in particular within the public sector the Stuttgart based Wolff & Müller follows a strategically minority stake in a highly specialized construction engineering provider as hkc GmbH. Furthermore looking into the future additional synergies, know-how and as well other add on`s to the existing business mix will be strongly generated and developed.

»I was really impressed with the extremely professional approach, starting with the extensive consultation and analysis, but especially in the advanced stages of negotiation in connection with a listed group of target companies. An accurate and careful target identification in terms of finding an excellent partner for the future growth of the company was the key for this great success. The communication and professional approach of Mr Holger Fries and Mr Christian Hock made for a thoroughly positive experience that inspired trust and helped me to do the right decisions at any point during this complex process.«
Marc Hackmann CEO of hkc GmbH

About hkc GmbH

Founded in 2001 the construction engineering company is based in five further offices in Rostock, Hamburg, Bremen, and Duisburg as well in Nuremberg. Within a team of over 80 generalists and specialists construction projects obtaining the classic architectural and engineering operations and all other services related to this context are realized within the highest efficiency in costs, quality and adherences in schedules in the fields of HOAI. As well other planning as construction supervision tasks belong to the broad spectrum combining a significant branch know how with a top level of quality in the German general construction sector.


About WOLFF & MÜLLER Group

WOLFF & MÜLLER a group of companies is a family owned construction service provider with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The company was founded and dates back to 1936. The current business mix consists of three subjects: general construction, building materials and other construction related services. Within the field of general construction the group is involved in engineering services, surface construction, underground construction, road building, special construction, steel constructions and also in reconstructions of buildings. Furthermore Wolff & Müller Group is invested in other branch related companies and as well other services in particular a fully company owned raw material plant. In 2013 counting about 1.800 employees altogether the company realizes a total revenue of about € 600m.

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